BOOTSTRAPPING: 12 Tested Ways to Generate Cash Without a Product Yet

As exciting as it may be, establishing a new business often calls for allocating financial resources to give form to the entrepreneur’s ideas product. Bootstrapping is an alternative strategy that enables entrepreneurs to develop their ambitions from the ground up. While getting financing from outside may be the default choice for many companies, another technique enables entrepreneurs to do so.

This strategy entails creating capital on your own and financing your company from within rather than depending on investors from the outside. A counseling firm such as Ethum can provide superior advice about generating cash via the right methods. 

In this article, we will discuss 12 tried-and-true ways to generate cash even before your product is available to the general public on the market.

Offer Expert Services

Offering services directly connected to your area of expertise in the market might be one of the easiest methods to generate cash. Utilize your expertise to provide consumers with help in your specialized field via the provision of consulting, coaching, or freelance work services.

This not only brings in more financial resources but also strengthens your reputation, makes you a credible source in the industry, and broadens your professional network.

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Sell the Vision

You may capitalize on the power of pre-selling by presenting the concept of your product to prospective buyers before it is completely produced. Develop enticing prototypes, mock-ups, or even landing pages highlighting your future product’s advantages to garner customer interest.

If you successfully persuade buyers to commit to an advance purchase, you will get significant early funding that you can use to support the development of your product. However, this is a bit risky because if, for some reason, you fail to deliver your promise, you can tarnish your name in the market. 


You can promote your concept to a large audience via crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, where you can also solicit financial contributions to support your project. Backers are often given early access to the product or special prizes in exchange for their financial support.

Crowdfunding is beneficial since it enables you to raise money, validates your idea, and helps you establish a community of early adopters.

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Make Both Free and Paid Tiers Available

Use a freemium pricing plan for your product or service. You may attract consumers and create a user base by providing a free basic version of your product. At the same time, you should offer clients upgraded versions or premium features for which they can spend more money.

This tactic brings in earnings and shows customers the value your product has to offer.

Conduct Consultation or Workshops

If you have extensive knowledge in a particular area, you can offer conferences, online training, or webinars to interested parties in exchange for payment.

Businesses and people are eager to pay for actionable insights and tactics that might assist them in improving their performance or finding solutions to challenges that they are experiencing.

Affiliate Marketing

Establish relationships with other businesses that provide goods or services that are complimentary to those that you specialize in. You could get a commission on all sales through your referral links by simply promoting their products and services to your audience. While you are working on your product, affiliate marketing might be a profitable cash stream for you to take advantage of.

Content Monetization 

If you are competent in the creation of quality content, you should consider monetizing it using several different methods. You can earn money by beginning an online venture such as a blog, a YouTube channel, or a podcast and using advertising, sponsorships, or subscription models.

White Labeling or Licensing Options

If you find a product or technology that fits perfectly with the vision you have for your company, you might want to investigate licensing or white labeling arrangements. Because of this, you can utilize an existing product under your brand and maybe modify it to match the requirements of your distinctive services.

Service Partnerships

Work with other companies supplying similar services or products to market combined products or services. By integrating your respective areas of expertise, you can provide complete solutions attractive to a larger population and fetch greater pricing.

Research and Surveys Conducted in the Market

Companies are always looking for new ways to get insights about their target audience and the trends in the industry. Carry out market research through surveys or focus groups, and then make the findings available as a paid service to companies that want to make informed decisions.

Subscription Models 

Consider moving toward a subscription-based model if you can provide a steady supply of helpful content, tools, or resources. Your products are given to subscribers in exchange for a recurring payment, which gives you the security of a reliable cash stream.

Freelancing or Gig Economy

Utilize your expertise to make revenue via freelance work or platforms that facilitate gig labor while constructing your product. This helps you meet your financial obligations and keeps you actively involved in and knowledgeable about your area. Most people these days are generating millions through this method and are turning towards freelancing completely as it is one of the most beneficial financial hacking methods of generating money using your expertise. 

When you’re just starting as an entrepreneur, bootstrapping can serve as an enabling approach to finance your company without giving up ownership or control in the process. You can generate income, establish a customer base that is loyal to your brand, and set the framework for a successful product launch all at the same time by following these tried-and-true tactics. 

Remember that to bootstrap successfully, you will need to be resourceful, dedicated, and capable of pivoting when required. Step by step, you can turn your concept into a successful company if you commit to seeing it through and plan it out strategically. Book an appointment with a consulting firm today and increase your revenue streams. 


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